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Lucy's Regency romances for Harlequin Mills & Boon:-      




'Trying to escape, were you?'

Tassie bit her lip. Why hadn't he turned her over to the constables? She certainly wasn't going to try and run past him, because he towered over her...

Tassie is 17, and in big trouble with Major Marcus Forrester. He wants something from her - her gambling skills - but it takes Marcus some time to realise that Tassie has already given the ruthless, handsome soldier her heart.



Dangerous lord, double life... Miss Verena Sheldon cannot understand why Lord Conistone, the man who broke her heart, has prised himself away from the grasping females and high life in London to visit her again. In fact Verena is in trouble, and Lucas has secretly vowed to look after her. But Lucas's dreams of holding Verena in his arms again are shattered every time he imagines her reaction, should she learn what he has done.

All around the city, Napoleon's courtiers are preparing for their Emperor's spectacular wedding. But portraits of Napoleon's first wife, Josephine, have to be painted out in a hurry - and in secret!

It falls to the young seamstress, Sophie, to track down a talented artist, the handsome and mysterious Jacques. His price? A kiss from Sophie for every hour he works...

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The Captain's Courtesan

If you've read 'The Return of Lord Conistone,' you might remember Lord Conistone's best friend, the handsome Captain Alec Stewart, whose chief aim once the war is over is to find himself an heiress. But Alec's plans go badly wrong because the woman who catches his eye - the beautiful and spirited Rosalie Rowland - thinks Alec is the biggest villain in London.

Twelfth Night Proposal

Theo, Lord Dalbury wants to spend as little time as possible at his newly-inherited estate in the north Derbyshire hills. But it's Christmas, it's started snowing, and the defiant local girl he's just met, Jenna, is quite enchanting...

The Major & the Pickpocket (London 1780)

The Return of Lord Conistone (Regency)

The Problem With Josephine (novella, set in Paris 1810)

(part of The Royal Weddings Collection)

xmas2012 AlecRosUS12small Major&PickpocketUK2010

This is part of a Regency Xmas trilogy 'Snowbound Wedding Wishes' which includes great Christmas stories by popular authors Louise Allen and Joanna Fulford.


The Outrageous Belle Marchmain

The feisty and beautiful widow Belle Marchmain drives wealthy businessman Adam Davenant to distraction - plus the overpowering desire to take her into his bed! Belle refuses to be a rich man's plaything - though soon enough she realises that the game they are playing is becoming deadly serious.

Has she made the gravest mistake of her life in trusting the sardonic and powerful Adam with her heart?



BelleAmazon BelleTrioMay13 captain-italy UKsnowbound

'Outrageous, interesting and tremendous fun'

Clare O'Beara, 'Fresh Fiction' magazine.


(To read the rest of Clare's one-page review, see

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 The Rake's Bargain


The stage is set...


Deborah O'Hara loves her life, leading her travelling troupe of actors around the English countryside. But when she becomes entangled in the web of secrets spun by the rakishly handsome Damian Beaumaris, Duke of Cirencester, she is forced to play the hardest role of her life. And Beau himself doesn't bargain on the forbidden sparks that fly with his beautiful leading lady!


Set in England, 1803, this is another adventurous Regency romance from Lucy Ashford.


Light-hearted, but with a serious edge. Ashford creates charming characters, and in the end, readers will be happily satisified.'


Kathe Robin, 'Romantic Times' book reviews.


'The Captain and His Innocent'

'Ellie,' Luke broke in. 'You talk too much,'

'And I won't allow you to silence me!'

'Won't you?'


She gasped. Because he was lifting the fingertips of his left hand to let them trail across her full mouth, brushing away a tiny snowflake that had landed there, then letting the pad of his finger travel on down to her deliciously pointed little chin...


Danger, espionage and passionate romance on the Kentish coast in 1815!

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'The Master of Calverley Hall' (Regency)

It should be Connor Hamilton's final triumph to return to Calverley Hall as its master rather than the poor blacksmith's boy he once once. But he's shocked to find his old friend Isobel, who once lived here, has lost everything, including her good reputation.


She's the one who's poor now, but she's proud, and beautiful - and soon the sparks begin to fly.

'Unbuttoning Miss Matilda' (Regency)

England, 1816: Miss Matilda Grey lives on a horse-drawn canal boat and is an expert on Roman remains. But she's in urgent need of a companion to help her make her next vital journey - and the only candidate is ex-soldier Jack Rutherford, who appears to be a thorough scoundrel...

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NEW:- Coming in November 2020 from Lucy Ashford -

'The Widow's Scandalous Affair'


London, 1790: Lady Serena Willoughby is determined never to lose her heart to a rake again. But when the handsome French Marquis, Raphael Lefevre, traps her into the pretence that they are lovers - for four weeks only - she finds herseld secretly wishing those four weeks will never end.