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What do you like most about being a writer?


I love being able to create a world and characters of my own.


What do you like least about being a writer?


The solitude involved. Much as I love writing, it requires willpower to shut myself away and get on with it! So I love being in touch with other writers, and hearing from my readers.


Do you have a favourite setting for your historical novels?


My favourite setting is definitely Regency London - I love to imagine what the city was like two hundred years ago, with its grimy back streets and grand mansions. And I possess stacks of old London maps, which are absolutely fascinating.


What is your favourite 'Mills & Boon historical' by another author?


I've enjoyed many. But particular favourites are  A Compromised Lady by Elizabeth Rolls, and Not Quite a Lady by Louise Allen. As well as really knowing how to tug the heartstrings, both are such witty writers.


Your favourite classic romance?


Wuthering Heights, by Emily Bronte - surely one of the most powerful books in the English language.


Have you any advice for someone who'd like to be published?


Read, read, read the kind of book you admire and would like to write. Set down a brief synopsis - half a page will do. Then start writing. You'll need to re-write and revise - everyone does - but once you've got that first draft out, then you're half way there! Contact me for any more tips - and remember publishers are always looking for new talent.



Lucy, on writing and reading...